Tuesday, May 10, 2011

take ten tuesdays : the five S's

both of todays blog posts are inspired by my brother, the artist, steven. below is a collection of items that remind me of him. things that inspire him, things he owns and/or things he loves doing. or the five S's as i've been calling it : surfing, sk8boarding, street art, screen printing and steven! enjoy!

{1} surfing   {2} ripcurl watch   {3} sanuk shoes   {4} graffiti  
{5} volcom tee   {6} sarasota florida  {7} wheels  {8} graffiti (local kc artist scribe)  
{9} longboards/skate decks   {10} screen printing inks


  1. love the things you picked to remind you of Steven Jr! am really enjoying reading your past blog posts too. love you hon

  2. nicole - #8 scribe (donald ross) is awesome! his work is all over kc. very inspiring! he gives back greatly to the community too and even did a bunch of art at the local children's hospital


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