Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colour Week : Rainbow

lite - brite

that's right folks, you're getting a 3rd post for the day. wowie!!! what can i say, i can't help myself, i signed up for the  Summer Colours Week over on Poppytalk! And today is all about rainbows!!! If you wanna join if for the fun click on over to the Summer Colour Pool over on flickr and submit your photo too.

June 27, Monday - Yellow
June 28, Tuesday - Pink
June 29, Wednesday - Blue
June 30, Thursday - Rainbow
July 01, Friday - Red

fun with crayons
fun with crayons

Picture 25

veggies. farmers market while in florida.
cars rainbow photo shoot for the mini collections.
the fish are done!

my plush fish

my birthday recap

special package. sketchbook made by my brother steven! thank you, thank you!

yesterday was such a happy day. my family and friends did an amazing job making me feel loved. my mister gave me the more beautiful card and then took me out for a special birthday date night. my kiddos gave me cards and made me brownies. my parents sent me a card and cash, thanks mom & dad! my brother anthony called me to wish me a happy day. my other brother & his gf sent a special package. my cousin sent me flowers (i should have shot them but forgot, oops), thank you ronni they're beautiful though! my co-workers showers me with cards, gifts and candy. i ran out for a thrift run over lunch break and the thirfting gods blessed me with sweet finds. the weather was spectacular! and overall i couldn't be more happy. my life is great! and i have all these people and more to thank for making yesterday a day a special day to remember. a few pictures from the day. enjoy!

 how awesome is this handmade sketchbook by my sweet brother. thank you again!
thrifted (antique store) finds. thanks thrift gods!
special date night with the mister. the melting pot!

brownies by wyeth (age3). he did eat 2 before i came home to see them but still such a sweet treat!

the kiddie pool

it's been hotter than ever here lately. they're saying it will hit 100 tomorrow and over the weekend the forecast looks to be the same. so yesterday the mister called me and said it was time to break out the kiddie pool! miss p and wyeth love bath time so it was no surprise the pool would be a hit. i'm guessing they loved it though, as i was at at 8am by wyeth if they could go swimming today. a few snap shots by the mister.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colour Week : Blue

one of my favorite picture of our beloved pup

It's Summer Colours Week over on Poppytalk today! And it's all about blue today! If you wanna join if for the fun click on over to the Summer Colour Pool over on flickr and submit your photo too.

June 27, Monday - Yellow
June 28, Tuesday - Pink
June 29, Wednesday - Blue
June 30, Thursday - Rainbow
July 01, Friday - Red

NJ trip home - jellies
florida - after eating dirt
after being told no for eating sand
Blue Color
kiddo color collaboration blue
florida - manatee
manatee // mote marine, florida
st. armands circle, florida
Pool day

oana befort birthday giveaway (closed)

today i celebrate turning 30, woohoo! which calls for a special giveaway! for those of you who know me, know i'm in love with birds. today, the lovely and super talented artist, oana befort is helping me out with a birthday giveaway for all you wonderful readers. isn't this print just gorgeous! i think so! her work is amazing, to say the least, and she has kindly offering a copy of her "blue bird" print for one lucky reader. See the entry details below. Good Luck!


HOW TO ENTER :: One (1) Entry per person

visit oana's blog and look thru her illustrations. then leave me a comment on this post telling me which one of her piece is your favorite!

  • to enter you must be a follower of this blog.
  • This will be shipped worldwide, so international readers welcome!
  • Winner selected at random and announced on Monday, July 4th! Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tuesday nite thrifts

well i had a chance to swing out this evening to the thrift, scored the wonderful items above and first picture (closer views) below and then saw some other interesting items along the way... are you on the hunt for something i can help you track down? i'm looking for a challenge and good thrifting hunt.

Poppytalk Summer Colour Week : Pink

Schnazzy shoes

It's Summer Colours Week over on Poppytalk today! And it's all about pink today! If you wanna join if for the fun click on over to the Summer Colour Pool over on flickr and submit your photo too.

June 27, Monday - Yellow
June 28, Tuesday - Pink
June 29, Wednesday - Blue
June 30, Thursday - Rainbow
July 01, Friday - Red

pink lighting

take ten tuesdays : zoo animals

Monday, June 27, 2011

Poppytalk Summer Colour Week : Yellow


It's Summer Colours Week over on Poppytalk today! And it's all about yellow! If you wanna join if for the fun click on over to the Summer Colour Pool over on flickr and submit your photo too.

June 27, Monday - Yellow
June 28, Tuesday - Pink
June 29, Wednesday - Blue
June 30, Thursday - Rainbow
July 01, Friday - Red

Yellow & White Enameled Brooch


Yellow Bells

Oooo Tonka

mini collections : dinos (part1)

theme : groupings of dinosaur toys in a 3 part series (1 of 3)

Can you say ROOOAR!!!!! Well, this collection, was truly special to shoot due to a huge passion for dinosaurs. So it was pretty awesome having him explain which ones we needed to group together for the photo because they were of the same family. And boy does he have a bunch, I might add. Enough that they will be posted in a 3 parts series, this being part 1 of 3 and part 2 you'll see in the weeks to come. 

This collection was also truly special for us because I let him do a far share of the shooting, which usually he uses a play camera but today I figured he could use mine. I was a bit nervous about the camera being to big and him dropping it but after I had read a fabulous article over on Frecklednest about  "5 Ways to Bond with Children" it really got me thinking that I need to let him at least try shooting these pictures of his collections. He so enjoyed it. Mind you I now have about 100 pictures of the floor but below you'll find a few of his pictures and a couple I took of him. And I might add though, he's actually quite the photographer! Enjoy!

hello from behind the machine...

... it was busy weekend of sewing over here. and now as monday morning, is slowly creeping up on me, (i have 6 hours till waking for work) i wished i had more time off to continue sewing. but sadly i don't. the weekend was packed with ample time on my machine, a few breaks here and there obviously to eat (i ate healthy lunches!), spend time with family, get to a movie birthday party (cars2 with wyeth), take a few trips to the playground... but overall i was cranking out a bit of sewing projects, 6 octopals, 4 ele's and a fish to be exact, for my up coming ric rac roundup (link top left) show. plus i cut more patterns to start sewing more tomorrow night and also made a few custom orders, thank you to the wonderful ladies who requested my sweet ele's! hope you all had a wonderful weekend, so how did you spend it?

octopal legs
my workspace is the table. and yes, that table is a bomb!
one of a few customs ele's made this weekend

Saturday, June 25, 2011

etsy treasurys 6/25

a few wonderful treasury's which i'm so honored to be featured in! Many thanks the creators of these fabulous collections - RetroStock, AngelaDesign & aromacandles.

top row. portrait.

3rd row. fondue set.

tow row. cathrineholms plate

Friday, June 24, 2011

vintage dresses


i stopped on my way home from work a few nights ago and found a few lovely vintage girls dresses. miss penny has quite the collection of dresses herself, so i've decided we'll keep 3 (first 2 pics below) but the rest of these little pretties will be traveling to the shop very soon.

above and below -  sorry they're keepers
polly flinders dress (taken)

FREE sponsor spaces : sidebar info update


well here you have it, first off i would love to continue with  FREE sidebar sponsors.  i've had such a great response from this and i love sharing the link love, plus meeting new friends is always a plus for me! a bit back, as the emails came in and the list had grown and grown, i had to put a halt on things before the sidebar could be continued. it was slowly looking a bit out of control. so after carefully reconsidering about this option, i've come up with a solution. to be fair to everyone out there who's interested in a spot i've decided there will only be 15 sidebar spots at a time, per month. here's the rundown of how it's going to work...

  • limited sponsor spots. only 15 ad spaces  1 large, 4 medium and 10 small.
  • the medium and small ads will rotate around throughout the month. 
  • around mid month (this one's going up later than they normally would) there will be a blog announcing sponsors for the month ahead. at this time you will post a comment about wanting an ad space.
  • this will be on a first come first serve basis and the order in which you post will reflect the size at which your ad will appear. (ie. if you post first you will have the largest size ad space (200 x 180), you post second and you get a medium spot, and so on down the list)
  • i will update the blog and close the post once we've reach 15 comments.
  • your ad will need to be emailed to me at by the end of day on the 27th of each month
  • please title your email to me "FREE AD SPACE"so it doesn't get lost in my junk filter. also please include your URL (store, site, blog, etc.) and ad button
  • your ad will run from the 1st of the month, till the end of the month.
  • i'm more than happy to accept all type of ads (shops, stores, blogs, etc) but if i feel your provided link is not a good fit (ie. porn, inappropriate items or products, rude imagery) for the aesthetics for my blog then i will contact you and refuse your ad space at this time.
  • around mid month another message will go out for sponsors. at this time you may apply again. but if you are in the same spot as the previous month then we will be playing fair and rotating your ad down to a lower spot on the column. you will still be guaranteed the ad space but we want to give everyone a chance at the top spots. this sounds pretty fair to me, right!

   what i ask in return...   

if you follow the blog this would be awesome! but don't worry, it's not necessary for your ad space, you'll still get an ad if you just comment on the initial monthly posts. secondly, if you could help spread the link love directing people back to the blog, via twitter, facebook, your own personal blogs, etc. this would also be greatly appreciated. and lastly, if you want to spread the love you can grab any of my buttons here. but all in all this should be a fun way for people to have free advertising for a site of their choice. after the ads come down, some may make their way to the link love page, located on the top menu bar and some may also be added in a list on the sidebar of the blog.

 so here's your first shout out for FREE ad spaces. 
 the first 15 people to comment below 
 will be scheduled for the July 1st spaces! 

Thursday, June 23, 2011

eating healthy : day 4


 healthy lunch count : 3 for 4 

you may recall that before my trip i posted a picture of our fridge and spoke about eating healthier. so this week was my first week back to work. i figured i need to take baby steps with this eating healthy thing, i usually have gone all heave ho and flopped back into my old ways after a week. so i decided we'll start small, with lunches, since this is my most unhealthy meal of the day. i usually eat a weird array of food for lunch, and most days i've grabbed anything i can before running out the door. there's usually 60% junk food thrown into the mix. i know, i know, that seems high but i'm a snacker, what can i say. our work cafeteria offers a bunch of healthy food (but you do pay for it) so i pretty much opt this out. but sunday night i decided it's time for that change. i went out back and picked a bunch of lettuce (3+ lbs, wooowa) from the garden and have had salad everyday for lunch. besides yesterday when i had lunch out with my good friend sara. but i've been eating healthier at work, which is a plus, woohoo! i know my problem is i'm a snacker, i'm not usually hungry when doing this but i'm putting my foot down to fight the urge and have a few healthy snacks (whole wheat crackers and assorted nuts) to helping me thru the day instead.

blog update 6/23

please bare with me as i continue better the blog. a few small updates are currently in the works. if things look jumbled or off for a minute, i'm probably tweaking things about. i'm excited to also be sharing a new sidebar sponsors options for the months ahead, don't worry it's still going to be free so keep your eyes peeled for that update very soon.

** updated 130PM

first update in the works you'll see, is there are a few side bar items over on the bottom right, under the sponsor spots. if you scroll on down you will see them for yourself, go ahead, try it out. i made them to try cleaning up things a bit and for easier navigation. because honestly, here's the deal. like any blogger, i would like this blog to reflect my personal preference and 95% of it does. but being a designer, and loving to have such creative freedom, sometimes makes focusing on just one look a bit hard, because honestly there are so many amazing options out there. i love bold colorful graphics and funky mixed patterns, textures and stripes but i also love clean modern simple graphics, so all in all as i look at the blog it's starting to get a bit busy for me, and probably for you too. and sadly to say the blogger host doesn't offer to much for layout options to work with. so i'll continue to think, and rethink and think some more, and trying my best to make it work. overall i'm extremely happy about my blog but please continue to hold tight for a little ride as i work on making better, not only for myself but hopefully for you too! thanks again for stopping by!


wear dress
ware earrings
where paris

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

sponsors : fuzzymama

Have you had a chance to meet Beth of Fuzzymama?

If not, I'd like to introduce you to her today! This vintage mama, sells some amazing items over on her etsy shop, Fuzzymama. Her well curated shop offers an array of fabulous hand picked items for yourself, your little one or your everyday home decor. Check out her links and post below I hope you enjoy learning a bit about Beth!


S - Tell us a bit about yourself?

B - My name is Beth and I live with just outside of Chicago with my Husband, Keith, and our two boys Harrison(4) and Truman(2). I so enjoy staying home with my boys, as crazy as some days are with two very active little guys, I can not imagine giving the job to anyone else. I started my shop on etsy, Fuzzymama, about 3 years ago as a way to unload some of my thrifted/flea-ed items and to fuel my thrifting habit. It certainly has grown as my babes get bigger and allow me more time to thrift, list items, etc. I hope to add some handmade items in the near future! I have a page on Facebook that I recently started (come, be my friend!) FuzzymamaVintage and I also tweet under Fuzzymama.

S - Can you tell us a bit about your shop & what inspired you to open a shop?

B - I have always been an avid thrifter and have accumulated lots over the years. Our house is filled with collections! Etsy seemed like the perfect fit for me--I could unload some of my treasures, and make some money to fund further thrifting adventures!! The shop really got its big start when I came across a newly opened thrift store ( I always find the best stuff at openings!!) and found 70-ish kids vintage kids outfits. Can you believe it??? I just could not leave them there!! Kids vintage stuff does seem to find me, but I love all sorts of vintage. I love learning about the items I do find. My knowledge of antiques, mostly Midcentury Modern, has expanded 10 fold since I started.

S - Do you have a few favorite items in your shop?

B - I love my yellow Crayonne pitcher set and the chrome and cork lamp (scored that on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale trip!!) Oh, and the Irmi nursery lamps are such a great gift for a new mama!!

below : converse (sd heart) // fabric (sd heart) // whale lamp // pitcher mug set // cork lamp

S - Where do you find inspiration? What do you enjoy doing for fun in your free time?

B - I love to look at blogs and online mags. I think I have an addiction!!! I especially love European blogs and designers DosFamily, 101woonideeen, Lotta Jansdotter, style-files. On Zinio, I read MILK, Frankie, Marie-Claire Idees oh and Lonny, LMNOP, Maeve, Small, Tiny and Little, ....shall I keep going? In my freetime, I really enjoy connecting with my girlfriends---I have a nice mix of mom friends and still single friends

S - Now a bit of random mix up to get to know you better. Think quick and only choose one...

favorite color - grey
new or vintage - vintage
the last movie you watched - eek, its been awhile since I watch an entire movie. I think it was UP.
do you have any tattoos - nope, never got bit by that bug. I did have a navel ring that I took out with my first pregnancy and have not put
place for vacation - Back to Italy with my husband or Shaker Village in Kentucky with the whole family

S - And last can you list your top 5 sites for inspiration - blogs, etsy shops, online stores, etc.

B - I love being part of the Vintage Kiddo Collective on etsy. Search vkc for scads of great items!!
Right now I am loving and and
Amanda Soule's blog keeps me so grounded!
and I love Mayamade, as well.

Thank You again Beth for the interview!
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