Thursday, June 23, 2011

blog update 6/23

please bare with me as i continue better the blog. a few small updates are currently in the works. if things look jumbled or off for a minute, i'm probably tweaking things about. i'm excited to also be sharing a new sidebar sponsors options for the months ahead, don't worry it's still going to be free so keep your eyes peeled for that update very soon.

** updated 130PM

first update in the works you'll see, is there are a few side bar items over on the bottom right, under the sponsor spots. if you scroll on down you will see them for yourself, go ahead, try it out. i made them to try cleaning up things a bit and for easier navigation. because honestly, here's the deal. like any blogger, i would like this blog to reflect my personal preference and 95% of it does. but being a designer, and loving to have such creative freedom, sometimes makes focusing on just one look a bit hard, because honestly there are so many amazing options out there. i love bold colorful graphics and funky mixed patterns, textures and stripes but i also love clean modern simple graphics, so all in all as i look at the blog it's starting to get a bit busy for me, and probably for you too. and sadly to say the blogger host doesn't offer to much for layout options to work with. so i'll continue to think, and rethink and think some more, and trying my best to make it work. overall i'm extremely happy about my blog but please continue to hold tight for a little ride as i work on making better, not only for myself but hopefully for you too! thanks again for stopping by!

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