Thursday, June 23, 2011

eating healthy : day 4


 healthy lunch count : 3 for 4 

you may recall that before my trip i posted a picture of our fridge and spoke about eating healthier. so this week was my first week back to work. i figured i need to take baby steps with this eating healthy thing, i usually have gone all heave ho and flopped back into my old ways after a week. so i decided we'll start small, with lunches, since this is my most unhealthy meal of the day. i usually eat a weird array of food for lunch, and most days i've grabbed anything i can before running out the door. there's usually 60% junk food thrown into the mix. i know, i know, that seems high but i'm a snacker, what can i say. our work cafeteria offers a bunch of healthy food (but you do pay for it) so i pretty much opt this out. but sunday night i decided it's time for that change. i went out back and picked a bunch of lettuce (3+ lbs, wooowa) from the garden and have had salad everyday for lunch. besides yesterday when i had lunch out with my good friend sara. but i've been eating healthier at work, which is a plus, woohoo! i know my problem is i'm a snacker, i'm not usually hungry when doing this but i'm putting my foot down to fight the urge and have a few healthy snacks (whole wheat crackers and assorted nuts) to helping me thru the day instead.


  1. i'm a snacker, too. i try to only have fruit and nuts around so that it's my only option when i get hungry. baby carrots are good, too.

  2. Hello Sandi! Pretty blog you have here! I am such a snacker too, and I tend to eat too much for dinner. :/ I have found that the way to eat more salads is to have a yummy(but still healthy) dressing, or put salmon, tuna, chicken, or beans on top! Yum!

  3. Carrots are a good idea Drew and Sarah Beth a yummy dressing surely would help! My same ole dressing is slowly getting blah.

  4. I have been making salads with dried cranberries or fresh blueberries,or both and it gives it that extra taste to make it a little sweet. ( for us with a sweet tooth) Love you, Mom


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