Thursday, June 09, 2011

everyday life : what's in your fridge?

i think it's pretty normal for people to want to feel good about themselves; i know i want to. i don't want to complain about my weight because i know like everyone else out there i've heard, i too have a few extra pounds i'd love to loose. but i look at the grade scheme of things and rethink about "to look and feel good is to eating good". it's pretty simple to say " let's eat healthier" but seriously, it's harder than ever to diet. and to even keep a well balance diet while on vacation it's pretty much impossible. so when we return from our trip next weekend my goal is to work on eating healthier! so i'm open for recipes, snack ideas, general suggestions if anyone want's to share them. i know a bit of exercise should be added in there too, but i'll start with the food part and then work the workout into the mix.

so what's in your fridge? 
(yes this is actually our fridge)

top row: baby food. kids cups. chinese left overs (bright light hides). 2 organic milks. yogarts. eggs.
hanging bin: cheeses. deli meats.
shelf: corn on the cob (in bag, left). left overs - pancakes, taco meat, noodles, sauces. pineapple.
shelf: 2 milks. pitcher - lemonade. cranapple juice. water purifier.
bottom bin left: lettuce. broccoli. zucchini. squash. cucmbers.
bottom bin right: apples. lemons. limes. kiwi. oranges. grapes.
door: to packed to even begin explaining.


  1. Does the next Post show any Ice cream in the freezer?
    I know there is always Ice cream in ours. Love to you all & enjoy your Day! Love, Mom

  2. I find eating healthy is a way of life for me, it's the easy part. working out...that's the challenge. i didn't own a car for 3 years and so i rode my bike every where! now, i have a car and like that, my workout is out the window!!


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