Friday, June 24, 2011

FREE sponsor spaces : sidebar info update



well here you have it, first off i would love to continue with  FREE sidebar sponsors.  i've had such a great response from this and i love sharing the link love, plus meeting new friends is always a plus for me! a bit back, as the emails came in and the list had grown and grown, i had to put a halt on things before the sidebar could be continued. it was slowly looking a bit out of control. so after carefully reconsidering about this option, i've come up with a solution. to be fair to everyone out there who's interested in a spot i've decided there will only be 15 sidebar spots at a time, per month. here's the rundown of how it's going to work...

  • limited sponsor spots. only 15 ad spaces  1 large, 4 medium and 10 small.
  • the medium and small ads will rotate around throughout the month. 
  • around mid month (this one's going up later than they normally would) there will be a blog announcing sponsors for the month ahead. at this time you will post a comment about wanting an ad space.
  • this will be on a first come first serve basis and the order in which you post will reflect the size at which your ad will appear. (ie. if you post first you will have the largest size ad space (200 x 180), you post second and you get a medium spot, and so on down the list)
  • i will update the blog and close the post once we've reach 15 comments.
  • your ad will need to be emailed to me at by the end of day on the 27th of each month
  • please title your email to me "FREE AD SPACE"so it doesn't get lost in my junk filter. also please include your URL (store, site, blog, etc.) and ad button
  • your ad will run from the 1st of the month, till the end of the month.
  • i'm more than happy to accept all type of ads (shops, stores, blogs, etc) but if i feel your provided link is not a good fit (ie. porn, inappropriate items or products, rude imagery) for the aesthetics for my blog then i will contact you and refuse your ad space at this time.
  • around mid month another message will go out for sponsors. at this time you may apply again. but if you are in the same spot as the previous month then we will be playing fair and rotating your ad down to a lower spot on the column. you will still be guaranteed the ad space but we want to give everyone a chance at the top spots. this sounds pretty fair to me, right!

   what i ask in return...   

if you follow the blog this would be awesome! but don't worry, it's not necessary for your ad space, you'll still get an ad if you just comment on the initial monthly posts. secondly, if you could help spread the link love directing people back to the blog, via twitter, facebook, your own personal blogs, etc. this would also be greatly appreciated. and lastly, if you want to spread the love you can grab any of my buttons here. but all in all this should be a fun way for people to have free advertising for a site of their choice. after the ads come down, some may make their way to the link love page, located on the top menu bar and some may also be added in a list on the sidebar of the blog.

 so here's your first shout out for FREE ad spaces. 
 the first 15 people to comment below 
 will be scheduled for the July 1st spaces! 


  1. Hi! This is such a great idea! I'll take a spot!

    I suppose I'll grab the large spot, since I'm the first to comment. Go big or go home, right? ;)

    Thanks so much! :D

  2. Hi Sandi... Fun idea - definitely want to continue our 100 size for next month if that's ok!

  3. I would like a free spot too. The larger the better!

  4. I would love a spot! My email is ihaveapinkbag [at]

  5. Thanks! I love this idea too! :-)

    And I would love to support your blog.

  6. Me please! I'll be more than happy to put your button on my blog :)

  7. Sandi, what an awesome opportunity!!! Thank You!!

  8. You're so awesome Sandi!! Thanks for this opportunity, I'd love an ad space on your awesome blog :) Will email you my ad this weekend, xo!!

  9. If you still have spots left, I'd love one. :)

  10. WHEW! Did I make it?! :) I'll e-mail you the info today!

  11. I would love to have a spot! WOohoo

  12. hey sandi! what a great opportunity!! Thanks..let me know what to do from here!!!

  13. Sputnik HousewaresJune 24, 2011 at 11:17 AM

    If there's still room I'd love a spot!

  14. I would love a spot, if there are any available :) Such a great idea - thanks!

  15. I'm sorry "My name is Camille" I'm trying to reach you through your blog but I don't see a link for a contact. I was closing this post when you posted your comment. I'm sorry the cut of was only at 15 but I will gladly be doing this again for the months ahead. :)


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