Monday, June 27, 2011

hello from behind the machine...

... it was busy weekend of sewing over here. and now as monday morning, is slowly creeping up on me, (i have 6 hours till waking for work) i wished i had more time off to continue sewing. but sadly i don't. the weekend was packed with ample time on my machine, a few breaks here and there obviously to eat (i ate healthy lunches!), spend time with family, get to a movie birthday party (cars2 with wyeth), take a few trips to the playground... but overall i was cranking out a bit of sewing projects, 6 octopals, 4 ele's and a fish to be exact, for my up coming ric rac roundup (link top left) show. plus i cut more patterns to start sewing more tomorrow night and also made a few custom orders, thank you to the wonderful ladies who requested my sweet ele's! hope you all had a wonderful weekend, so how did you spend it?

octopal legs
my workspace is the table. and yes, that table is a bomb!
one of a few customs ele's made this weekend

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