Monday, June 20, 2011

Lace styled TOMS


Oh swooooon!!! Just came across these fabulous shoes on Pinterest. I want to get married all over again so I can wear these pretty shoes under my dress. Toms surely knows how to make a shoe, and these ones are by far the prettiest ones I've seen.

* Updated - I hadn't seen prior but just found them for sale and in other colors too, on the Toms site.
* Original Photo Credit via Mike Larson


  1. OH MY...
    -must breathe-
    Those are by far the loveliest things I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing! Also, I love your blog! I just recently came across it and I'm not sure if I'm going to be leaving any time soon! Haha!


  2. Yesssss
    Ive seen these online a bit, and I totally want a pair!

  3. Just found you on Freckled Nest--I was always so-so about Toms but I LOVE these!!! Thank you so much for sharing!


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