Friday, June 03, 2011

music : the 88's


so do you know the 88's? well, i would hope so, but if not they're surely worth listening too. i found them about 5 years back when i saw an ikea commercial and just had to know the name of the band who's music was being featured. long story short, i did some poking around an even sent and email to ikea and to my surprise received a response saying "the 88's" and boy was i happy to finally know the band! so today, i wanted to share with you this wonderful group, a link to their site and a little tune (the songs from the commercial) to get a jump start on your weekend!

happy friday! xo s

the 88's -  BAND SITE // FREE DOWNLOAD **

** download your music / tunes now and please note this will only be available for 7 days, 
till June 10th. i can't leave this feature up long so grab it while it's hot & enjoy!

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