Friday, June 10, 2011

off to new jersey

photo via etsy seller shopsdirta

well it's finally friday and we're now 1 day away from our travels home to new jersey see the misters fam! we've been oh so lucky that our family's have always come to visit us out here, but now it's our turn to take a hike up there and celebrate a high school graduation (misters younger sis) and catch up with family and friends. but don't think i'm forgetting about you all here. i've been typing aways and have some special posts scheduled, an interview and a guest post or maybe two... you'll have to just check back for yourself to see it all. hope you all have a happy weekend! xo :) s

we'll visit with the misters fam... (above)
and we're excited to stay with these folks (momo and popo d : grandparents)
 and we'll hang out with these folks too (momo and popo t : grandparents)
 and see this beautiful young lady graduate high school! yaaaah!!!


  1. Wishing you all a safe and great trip, Enjoy your time with family & try not to run around to much but relax a little. We send our Love & Prayers along with you. Love, Mom xo

  2. oooo! our stomping grounds! where in NJ?

  3. south jersey, cherry hill area :)

  4. really!? that's like 40 minutes from us! we live by Long Beach Island...there are a bunch of great thrift stores out there! hope you get to hit up a bunch :) happy travels!


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