Wednesday, June 01, 2011

quote : find some beautiful place


first off happy june first!!! how excited i am that june is finally here! and as the weather warms up and summer quickly approaches i feel like the quote above is so appropriate for me. or for anyone, that loves being outdoors. i'd like to find that beautiful place where i can be lost outdoors. somewhere i can taking a nice long walk and enjoy the scenery. smell the fresh cut grass and admire flowers. feel the wind blow around me and just take advantage of what nature brings. i love being outdoors and with the warm weather right around the corner i'm going to make it my goal to be outdoors more. don't worry, i'll still be here blogging too, and sharing my outdoor inspiration when i post.



  1. i came here from the Freckled Nest :)

  2. Freckled Nest sent me here... I love your blog and style :).


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