Saturday, June 04, 2011

shop update and first friday finds


well it was another first fridays yesterday, and needless to say, the selection of vintage items was great! i headed out for an extended lunch with some of my dear friends and found some fabulous item for the shop and a few items for the kiddos. i also found this HUGE letter P (not a great pic, sorry) for penny's room but i'll have to get a better picture when it's up on display. a new batch of business cards arrived yesterday, i'm so pleased with them! i'll post a picture soon. today has been a busy day so far. w and i got donuts at our favorite shop, we all have played in the yard and sandbox some, picked lettuce and herbs for tonights dinner, hit the post office to mail out some items to a few special ladies, stopped by the farmers market and then stopped and danced to the band playing in downtown, ran over to harpers for some new fabrics and shot some pictures for tomorrow's shop update! the kiddos are down for naps now but wow it's been a bit busy! happy weekend! hope your weekends going well. take care! 

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