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Have you had a chance to meet Beth of Fuzzymama?

If not, I'd like to introduce you to her today! This vintage mama, sells some amazing items over on her etsy shop, Fuzzymama. Her well curated shop offers an array of fabulous hand picked items for yourself, your little one or your everyday home decor. Check out her links and post below I hope you enjoy learning a bit about Beth!


S - Tell us a bit about yourself?

B - My name is Beth and I live with just outside of Chicago with my Husband, Keith, and our two boys Harrison(4) and Truman(2). I so enjoy staying home with my boys, as crazy as some days are with two very active little guys, I can not imagine giving the job to anyone else. I started my shop on etsy, Fuzzymama, about 3 years ago as a way to unload some of my thrifted/flea-ed items and to fuel my thrifting habit. It certainly has grown as my babes get bigger and allow me more time to thrift, list items, etc. I hope to add some handmade items in the near future! I have a page on Facebook that I recently started (come, be my friend!) FuzzymamaVintage and I also tweet under Fuzzymama.

S - Can you tell us a bit about your shop & what inspired you to open a shop?

B - I have always been an avid thrifter and have accumulated lots over the years. Our house is filled with collections! Etsy seemed like the perfect fit for me--I could unload some of my treasures, and make some money to fund further thrifting adventures!! The shop really got its big start when I came across a newly opened thrift store ( I always find the best stuff at openings!!) and found 70-ish kids vintage kids outfits. Can you believe it??? I just could not leave them there!! Kids vintage stuff does seem to find me, but I love all sorts of vintage. I love learning about the items I do find. My knowledge of antiques, mostly Midcentury Modern, has expanded 10 fold since I started.

S - Do you have a few favorite items in your shop?

B - I love my yellow Crayonne pitcher set and the chrome and cork lamp (scored that on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale trip!!) Oh, and the Irmi nursery lamps are such a great gift for a new mama!!

below : converse (sd heart) // fabric (sd heart) // whale lamp // pitcher mug set // cork lamp

S - Where do you find inspiration? What do you enjoy doing for fun in your free time?

B - I love to look at blogs and online mags. I think I have an addiction!!! I especially love European blogs and designers DosFamily, 101woonideeen, Lotta Jansdotter, style-files. On Zinio, I read MILK, Frankie, Marie-Claire Idees oh and Lonny, LMNOP, Maeve, Small, Tiny and Little, ....shall I keep going? In my freetime, I really enjoy connecting with my girlfriends---I have a nice mix of mom friends and still single friends

S - Now a bit of random mix up to get to know you better. Think quick and only choose one...

favorite color - grey
new or vintage - vintage
the last movie you watched - eek, its been awhile since I watch an entire movie. I think it was UP.
do you have any tattoos - nope, never got bit by that bug. I did have a navel ring that I took out with my first pregnancy and have not put
place for vacation - Back to Italy with my husband or Shaker Village in Kentucky with the whole family

S - And last can you list your top 5 sites for inspiration - blogs, etsy shops, online stores, etc.

B - I love being part of the Vintage Kiddo Collective on etsy. Search vkc for scads of great items!!
Right now I am loving and and
Amanda Soule's blog keeps me so grounded!
and I love Mayamade, as well.

Thank You again Beth for the interview!

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