Thursday, June 02, 2011

sunny sarasota

well these pictures are long overdo and i do apologize for that. there were far to many, 1100+ to be exact for me to look thru to even begin figuring out which one's to share. so i grabbed a few pictures which will recap the trip as a whole. now i didn't include any of mote marine or of steven's show since i posted separately blogs about them. but you can just imagine how packed out trip was by the recap and pictures below. enjoy!

PART 1 (pics below)
   we stayed on st. armands circle, fillmore street to be exact!
   plane ride snapshot w/wyeth
   view of the amazinghouse
   kiddo birthday celebration
   penny eating cake
   at the beach splashing around
   meet tons of lizard friends. one even camped out in our room, ha!
   enjoyed sunsets
   the brother's graduation
   celebrated with family the graduation

PART 2 (pics below)
   enjoyed a farmers market
   saw the java dawg bus and wow that things cool!
   beach time at siesta with the fam
   visiting with some good friends, the llama, mollie and joe
   seeing sandcastles (note - not built by us)
   playing in the pool
   crying baby at the beach (note - after i pulled sand from her mouth)
   the sky's were amazing every night
   and the kiddos really loved and now miss the beach! 


  1. My favorite is Penny eating cake!
    Just visiting from Freckled Nest.

  2. great pics Sandi! thanks for sharing the ones we havent seen :) love to Ben, Wyeth and Penny!

  3. Ah, Don't we wish we were still all on Vacation! We miss you all Thanks for sharing the photos. Love to you all, Mom


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