Tuesday, June 28, 2011

tuesday nite thrifts

well i had a chance to swing out this evening to the thrift, scored the wonderful items above and first picture (closer views) below and then saw some other interesting items along the way... are you on the hunt for something i can help you track down? i'm looking for a challenge and good thrifting hunt.


  1. Those are some great finds! I am in love with that fondue set, what an awesome color!!

  2. i just got my first package from you today! everything i ordered was perfect! thank so much for being an awesome thriftaholic! xo liz

    p.s. great finds!!
    for your challenge how about vintage super mario? my son is obsessed with mario!

  3. my husband has a old school nintendo which is so 80's and i love it, i'll keep my eyes peeled for more mario ;)


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