Friday, June 10, 2011

updates done


yup, that's right, i'm still up! i'm a night owl what can i say. and as it seems to be 2:30 again... oops...i think i'm getting a bit sleepy though and about to call it a wrap. but the small updates for the blog i mentioned earlier are 90% done. just wanted to point out a few things which will make your searches simpler. a fellow reader mentioned "how do i find your older take ten tuesday or ware wear where posts? someone also mentioned "there aren't to many pictures of you". i'm usually taking them and forget to snap one's of myself but i figured i'd make the updates. above - you will see a few side bar icons to direct you around to previous posts and below - i updated the bio page with a new pic. thanks again for the comments ladies! enjoy and happy reading! xo :) s


  1. The Hair looks beautiful in the new photo. But then again I'm not being partial am I. HA HA! I Love You, Love, Mom

  2. such a cute picture of you! it reeeeally makes me want to go back to short hair...

  3. thank mom & thank you School of Vintage - i'm actually in between stages and wanting longer hair at this point ;)


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