Monday, June 06, 2011

weekend pictures // free june desktop


well the weekend was packed with activities... first fridays, hanging out with the fam, going out to eat, building projects, doing yard work, big trash day finds, shop updates, sewing, and enjoying the sunny weather. we spent a bunch of time outdoors so i snapped a few pictures about our yard which i hope you'll enjoy. and a few words to sum it all up. oh and free desktop download (last photo) for the month of June. happy monday! hope your weekend was wonderful!

in the garden. broccoli!
around the yard. ferns.
in the garden. the strawberries are coming
the misters building project. computer desk built - in 
for our living room. eeeck, i'm so excited for this!
big trash day finds. someone was chucking this desk 
which we thought wyeth would enjoy. and he does!
it was 93 out so we enjoyed some sprinkler time!
sewing, sewing, sewing for the ric rac roundup! 


  1. Oh my! Those moustached octopie are phenomenal! I love them! And great job finding that desk, free is always the best price!


  2. thank you so much! you may see some pop into the benandi shop from time to time and yes we love FREE! ;)


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