Sunday, July 31, 2011


purse    ||    pendant 

i loved birds and i'm always on the hunt for bird related products...but how awesome are these two sparrow pieces! that pattern on the little purse is too cute, and i just love the clean graphic feel. and then the pendant with it's hints of turquoise atop of a gold background is oh so lovely too. swoon!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

the july sidebar sponsors

A special THANK YOU to all of my JULY sidebar sponsors! Thank you so much for being a part of my blog. I hope you all out there have found a few new friends and enjoyed visiting each others shops, and blogs. Happy end of July and welcome August! Can you believe it's August already? You can navigate thru each of my JULY sidebar sponsors links via the pictures below. Enjoy!









try a little kindness : church yard sale

oh swoooon! i about feel over when i found this vintage crewel! eck!!!

when i moved to the midwest i was a bit confused at the thought of people having yard sales on thursday mornings thru saturdays but after attending a few of these sales, it all started to make more sense... they do it this way to draw in the older senior citizens which could get out early on theses day. when most others, myself included, and the average worker would be busy and not able to attend just yet. how sneaky! i know! but this is totally why they do it. because the older people spend more i've noticed. sorry if you're older than 65+ reading this post but some of them are a bit pushy too, and i'm not to sure why but they are. needless to say i went yesterday morning to a church yard sale and it was nuts! NUTS i tell you! i was probably the only one there under 65 that was out shopping the basement section of a church at 830AM. it was packed beyond belief, seriously like 200+ people but i was still able to find a few fabulous finds. the sale is a few more days so i may go back to hunt a bit more in depth but a few finds pictures above and below.

vintage - sheets, mugs, napkins, tupperware containers (4 inside that one) & frame

Thursday, July 28, 2011

eating healthy : day 39


todays healthy lunch count - 32 / 39

besides todays pizza lunch, and mind you it was tasty, i've been doing great sticking to eating healthy lunches over here. for those of you who are just catching up i have a habit of snacking on chips, crackers, or the occasional sweets (brownies, cookies, candy, etc.) to fill the void between meals when when i'm hungry... bad, bad, bad, i know. so it was time to cut back on some of these things and eat a bit healthier. don't get me wrong, i do still have snacks but i've been trying to limit them and turning more to fruits and mixed nuts (walnuts are my fav) has been a huge help. i haven't shared any pics in a bit but i'm still happily eating my way to healthy and thought it was time for an update. salads have become routine. mixing and matching dressings and veggie combinations keeps them different and fresh. veggies (tomatoes pictured above & below) from our garden are so delicious right now and hard boiled eggs and omelets have also been a huge hit, not only with me, but the boy has taken to liking egg salad sandwiches too.


ware : teak desk

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

artist : mimi & lucy (elizabeth)


I had found a little etsy shop a bit back called Mimi & Lucy, which seriously has the coolest vintage mixed media brooches I've seen. I don't know to much about the artist behind the shop, just that her name is Elizabeth and she's based out of California. But either way, I wanted to share some of the cuteness going on over in her etsy shop. It appears she has not one but 2 fabulous shops and 2 blogs too, so the links for these are all attached below. Enjoy & Happy Humpday!

Mimi & Lucy Shop   ||    Mimi & Lucy Blog   ||   GeeLizzie Blog     ||   Home Before Dark Shop

home projects : cabinet installation

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

interview : pussycat vintage


Lindsay is mama to Gavin (10), Finn (4) and wife of John. She is a dreamer, idea conjurer, lover of cats, tomatoes and things from the oven.

Nicole is mama to Logan (10), her bulldog Bacon (3) and girlfriend to Gray. She is an outgoing planner, list maker, tattoo lover, bull dog mother, baked goods taste tester and the glue that holds our shop together.

Pussycat Vintage was born out of our friendship and the thrill of finding unique vintage treasures. We started our shop a year ago (just for fun) and it has grown more than we could have imagined. We now have a blog, twitter, facebook and flickr so you can keep up with all of our latest shop and event updates.

SHOP  ||  BLOG  ||  TWITTER  ||  FB  ||  FLICKR

Pussycat Vintage offers a little bit of everything. We have clothing for men, women and kiddos. We also have a wide range of housewares-everything from the living room and kitchen to the perfect vintage cake topper.

1.    2.    3.    4.    5.    6.

Lindsay - My tastes tend to be pretty eclectic, so I find inspiration all over the place. I love old movies, design books, vintage sewing patterns and cookbooks, music and blogs, of course! My husband is also a huge inspiration to me in a number of ways. He has taught me to never compromise when it comes to pursuing your dreams. In addition, he is an awesome chef, so he is constantly inspiring me in the kitchen. Most of my free time is spent in the kitchen with my family, sewing, reading a good book or daydreaming about our future restaurant.

Nicole - I find inspiration through every day life as cliche as that may sound. It's true. I see it in my Nana, the park, other blogs, etsy shops, Logan, technology, homes, walks. I think that inspiration is everywhere, you just have to be open to it. Sometimes it's good not to be completely focused. When I'm not working my full time job or on the shop/blog I spend as much time as possible with my amazing son Logan and boyfriend Gray in our little home. I try to be outside as much as possible, read, work in my garden, go for bike rides and work out.


  • new or vintage ~ VINTAGE!
  • favorite book ~ Fall On Your Knees by Ann-Marie MacDonald
  • favorite color ~ Green, hands down.
  • summer or winter ~ Summer. I want to be outside as much as possible!
  • travel to anywhere of your choice? ~ Japan. There is so much culture, history, fashion and beautiful scenery there that I want to experience.

  • new or vintage ~ vintage
  • favorite color ~ green
  • music recently listened to ~Twin Shadow-Forget
  • favorite cherished treasure ~ My white vintage Le Crueset that my husband gave me for our 5th wedding anniversary. I seriously use it every day! It combines my love of vintage and food-what could be better?
  • favorite recipe/meal ~ This is hard because my tastes definitely reflect the seasons. For summer, my favorite meal would have to a freshly baked baguette, smeared with goat cheese and topped with tomatoes and basil straight from the garden (and a nice glass of cab to wash it down)



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I hope you enjoyed getting to meet Nicole and Lindsay and thanks again ladies for interviewing with us today! xo :) sandi

Monday, July 25, 2011

velvet tangerine (winner)


Just wanted to pop in this evening and post our Velvet Tangerine Print winner. A many congrats to Karen Marie and a special thank you to all of you who entered! Also just a reminder that Molly is still kindly offering the 15% OFF discount thru July 31st over at her shop with code PAULINE at checkout.

mini collections : dinos (part3)

mini collections : dinos (part 3)

(dinosaur toys in a 3 part series : photo 3 of 3)

Part 3! The last grouping of our rather large dinosaur collection series. It's not so much a mini collection at all but hopefully you enjoyed it non the less. Happy Monday!

Links below back to... DINOS (Part 1) or the DINOS (Part 2)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

August FREE Sponsor Spots


A call for FREE SPONSOR SPOTS for the first 15 people to comment below this post! Please make sure to include a way to contact you (email, site link, etc.) so I can send you info if need be. For more sponsor info and sizes look here. Good Luck!!!

Updated @ 12:41 - This is now closed! 

ric rac roundup & benandi shop update

the ric rac roundup craft fair yesterday went well! i was busy and really had fun chit chatting with all sorts of people. the day was so hot though, 103 to be exact! and when 4 o'clock rolled around, and 6 water jugs later, i was ready to call it quits and head home back to the my AC. for the show, i made a bunch of stuff, with the intent that any over carry would make it's way into the shop for a hefty update, since my benandi site had been put on hold while i was working on pieces for the show and has lacked a bit for the month. so set your clocks for your first update, the "8 at 8" whereby 8 new octopals will be hitting the shop at 8AM, tomorrow, monday july 25th! well, off to take my homemade bread outta the bread machine which is beeping in the background as i type and then off to play in the sprinkler with the kiddos. hope your weekends going great! see ya tomorrow!

couple snapshots from the show

Saturday, July 23, 2011

color palette : umbrella's (a new color series) (1)


I was thinking about this fun new color feature (above) for the blog, which I would showcase color palettes every now and again. There are so many beautiful images out there that I keep coming across and a lot of these images I would love to share with you, not only because the photography amazing but how fabulous is this color palette!?! I personally refer back to color palettes for everyday attire, ideas related around home decor or for reference when creating artwork. The "Color Palette" posts will look similar, yet difference, and showcase a photo along side the web color number for your personal reference. Enjoy!

Friday, July 22, 2011

book review : how to sew for children


Better Home and Garden's
How to Sew for Children ©1966

hard cover copy for sale on Amazon >> LINK HERE

ric rac roundup this saturday 7/23

Well this weekend, Saturday, July 23rd is the 3rd Annual Summer Ric Rac Roundup sponsored by bon bon atelier. I've been sewing my fingers off and it's about time for an amazing show! There are 23 of the most talented Kansas City artists and crafters who make everything from prints, jewelry, ceramics, plush and even snowcones! For more info, directions, etc. you can visit the Ric Rac Roundup (link above in blue) homepage. If you live locally come swing by and say hello as I'll be out there all day. A few plush items which will be there...

Thursday, July 21, 2011

blog update 7/21


just a quick heads up that i'm moving a bit of info around to accommodate for a new layout idea i have in mind. if you're new to the blog and would like to follow along, i've moved a new RSS feed, Bloglovin' icon and the GFC friendly faces over on the right, now under my other contact info.


wear tights
ware pendant
where tree

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

artist : isaac salazar


Aren't these complex cut paper books by artist, Isaac Salazar, unreal? The 3D aspect as a sculpture alone truly make for an interesting display. But I can only imagine how long something like this may have taken. There are a few links below to see more of his amazing work. It appears that he does take custom orders, but for something oh so fabulous as this I would imagine you'd be on a waiting list. Enjoy!


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