Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank you AUGUST sponsors!

Hope you all had time to meet the wonderful AUGUST sponsors. If you have yet to swing by and say hello at either their shops, blogs, twitters, etc. I would say you surely should, you probably don't know what you're missing out on. I really loved helping support these lovely people and meeting a few new friends along the way. Can you believe tomorrows September!?! I have a lot of exciting stuff to share for this month, as I consider September our "Lucky Month" and I can't wait to soon jump into fall. There's a giveaway you'll hopefully love (starting this Friday), a few guest posts by friends, an interview tomorrow (you'll have to swing by to meet the special lady) and as always, inspiration, collections and a few special updates. So thank you yet again August sponsors for your support and friendships, I so appreciate it! And see ya tomorrow! xo :)s

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what inspires you?

image via pinterest

I've been inspired a lot lately. I'm not to sure what sparked it all but this fabulous photo just says it all. I've been challenging myself in new ways, stepping outside my comfort zone and pushing myself to trying to keep up with anything and everything around me but there's so much art, fashion, photography, products, etc. out there that I keep having to step back to soak it all in. Right now I have a bunch of ideas all jumbled in my head about things I want to do, places I want to travel too, things I'd like to make and even yummy food I'd love to try. I find a lot of my inspiration thru friends, family and things I see on a daily basis. Jointing down notes to keep running lists has really helped me not to forget things though.

So what inspires you?

The Look : Back To School

Hello AdaLou readers, I'm Nicole from Pussycat Vintage! I'm so thrilled to team up with the amazing Miss Sandi and bring you a new monthly post. This series "The Look", will always feature a specific look which may be for the kiddos, for you, for your home, for the season, you just never know. I promise to keep you on your toes and bring you some new and inspiring looks each month. For this month, as we all head in to fall, I couldn't think of a better look than "Back To School". If the kiddos in your life aren't back to it already, they will be soon. I hope you enjoy the looks I have put together for the little ladies and gents. Thank you for stopping by and here's to a great school year! 

xo, Nicole

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Thank you so much Nicole for sharing these collections with us today! What great inspiration &
such and eye you have for fashion. I can't wait to see more collections next month! Check out more
of Nicole's style and inspiration over at the Pussycat Vintage Blog! 
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

take ten tuesdays : lace inspired


6.) tights     7.) trims     8.) headband     9.) slip     10.) tattoo

are you the bicycle tea towel winner?

Thank you so much to all of you who entered the contest for the bicycle tea towel, courtesy of Apt528. I greatly appreciate all of your comments and I wanted to announce our winner, comment number 2, Congrats Kaycie! When you have a minute please email your shipping info to to claim your prize.

** Make sure to swing back later this afternoon for an all new Take 10 Tuesdays & if you missed it this morning a Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwich recipe from my mom!

recipes from mom

it's no surprise that i LOVE my moms cooking! she's a fabulous cook and loves making sweet treats which we all surely enjoy! being so far from family (1000+ miles away) really makes it hard for me to enjoy her tasty cooking, though when she comes to visit she's always whipping up something new for us to try. she called me a few nights ago and told me that she turned her homemade peanut butter cookies into ice cream sandwiches. which i was eager to know more and pretty much craving them at this point. they're super simple and fairly quick to make. i haven't had one yet but i grew up on these cookies so i can only imaging what adding ice cream to them would taste like. hope you enjoy the recipes! so who's now hungry for ice cream sandwich this morning? because i surely am!

thank you so much mom for an awesome recipe! we miss ya (and your cooking too!) :)

16oz Jar of Creamy Peanut butter
2 Cups of Sugar
2 Eggs

Mix all ingredients together in large bowl.
Scoop 1 Tablespoon of mix and form small balls. 
Arrange on cookie tray 2-3" apart from each other.
With a fork press down on cookie mixture horizontal, then vertical (see above images).
Bake at 350 for 7 minutes until golden. 
Baking Note: If your oven cooks high then cook less. You really need to watch these cookies when baking because they cook fast and if burnt they pretty much tastes terrible.
Remove promptly from tray & place on cooling rack, or fridge.

** For the ice cream sandwiches then follow the steps numbered out above.

Monday, August 29, 2011

ABC Vintage & PCV Blog Refresh!


Image added : 11/2011

mini collections : dr seuss

Happy Monday!!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It was busy, busy, busy over here... as we said goodbye to family who were in town for baby Logan's arrival, said good luck to my SIL who left for Springfield to attend her first year of college (good luck Bee!), we found a new family car - Ford Freestyle, woohoo!!! went to another kiddo bday party (this is the 4th weekend in a row for a kids parties, one more next week will wrap up number 5, wowsiers that's a few), and enjoyed some amazing playtime with my kiddos. Wew so as you can see "busy weekend" kinda sums it all up. I have a few awesome updates ahead for this week, plus a post courtesy of my mom, but last week we skipped our mini collections to share a special enamelware collection post... so we're ready to share an all new monday mini collection. enjoy! xo :) s

DR.SEUSS (aka Theo LeSieg) BOOKS

WE LOVE BOOKS!!! Especially Dr. Seuss!!! Fun fact for those of you who didn't already know this, but Dr.Seuss' real name is Theodor Seuss Geisel. But he goes by the alias of Dr. Seuss or Theo LeSieg (his last name backwards). We just love his rhyming book and can't get enough of them. We have too many favorites but scoring in highest current read for this weekend was, Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now (at 6x) and Wacky Wednesdays (3x). Enjoy! xo s & w

Do you have a favorite Seuss book?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

etsy featured treasury 8/2011

i'm always so honored when etsy sellers feature my shops in there carefully curated treasury's. a few that i'm currently loving! and a many thanks to all of these lovely people for featuring both of my shops!

bottom row, orange floral apron (adalou)

top row, plush fish (benandi)

second row, plush octopal (benandi)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

hand embroideries...


...for the shop!

last summer, i was asked to feature my hand embroideries for an all girls show titled "xx chromosome" at a local gallery. i really love creating unique hand embroiders but don't do it to often. i love the overall effect i've created from intertwining my illustrations with this technique of embroidery and i really loved the outcome of these pieces as they transformed from simple doodles (pictured bottom) to more of a finished piece of work. i had donated one piece from this show for a charity a few months back, but the others have been in my possession for a bit to long. since i have had a few personal inquiries asking about them, after careful consideration (i have had a hard time part with artwork) i've decided it's time for me to let go of them, so they can be enjoyed elsewhere. so, the 4 below will be traveling to the shop in hopes of a new forever home. i heart embroidery! do you enjoy needlework (embroidery, quilting, cross stitching, knitting, etc.) too?

 pictured above top - Sprig, middle - Lips & Dandelion, bottom - Eyes
all 4 pictured above will be in the shop by this Sunday the 28th!

pictured below - The Fallen Forsythia (sorry not for sale)

Friday, August 26, 2011

color palette : embroidery (5)

i recently purchased this vintage embroidery from etsy seller ohdearthings and i love, love, LOVE it! still looking into framing it for my little taurus (miss p) room, but isn't it the cutest thing ever! have a happy weekend friends and don't forget to register for the bicycle tea towel giveaway! xo :) s

image via etsy seller : ohdearthings

bicycle tea towel giveaway (CLOSED)

Happy Friday! Are you ready for a special giveaway to kick off your weekend! Would you like to win this fabulous bicycle tea towel courtesy of India over at Apartment 528. This orange and blue bicycle towel is hand screen printed by the talented Beth Tobey of Sweetnature Designs. This unbleached, cotton floursack tea towel is super soft, lint free & would look super stylish for your modern day pad! So whatta think, would you like to win this towel! If so please see the guidelines below. Good Luck and Happy Weekend! xo :) s

HOW TO ENTER : You must follow this blog to enter. And you may enter up to three (3) entries, per person. Please leave separate comments for each additional entry. Please leave your email on one of these entries so I may contact you if you are the lucky winner!

1.) Look thru the APT528 shop, and then leave me a comment below telling me which item is your favorite! Please make sure to include a way to contact you (email, site link, etc.) so i can send you a message if you're the lucky winner!

2.) For an additional entry you may tweet - @Apt528 is hosting a giveaway on the @adalouvintage blog. swing on over to check it out.

3.) For an additional entry follow me on BlogLovin'

Giveaway open to USA and Canada residents only.
Giveaway ends 11:30PM CST on Sunday, August 28th.
Winner selected via and announced the following week. Good Luck!

** Oh and I'm also hosting a giveaway over on Apt528 for this (pictured below) vintage Pyrex Casserole Dish! Link on over to India's blog to be enter to win this beauty & good luck!!!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day dreaming


wyeth, izzy (my SIL) and i went to a kiddo party this past weekend. it was a carnival themed party for a friends 4 year old son, and boy oh boy was it so much fun! another friend who was snapping photos of the event gave me this picture today of wyeth. he's a quiet kid, a day dreamer and he just loves to observe and take in everything around him. i love this snapshot of him taking in the sights, what a handsome little guy! & thank you amy for the photo!

august sponsors (part 3)

As August comes to an end I hope you've had time to meet all of the lovely Sponsors? I'd like to introduce you the last group of sponsors and I hope you'll link on over to their wonderful sites and enjoy a good look around thru their blogs, shops or even chit chatting with them via twitter. happy link love, happy early (and yes im seriously up posting at 2am) wednesday morning!  xo, s

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

take ten tuesdays : ampersands


musician : jakob dylan

photo via

Earlier this month, we went ventured to Farm Aid and were super excited to see a few of our favorite performers live. One of them being the ever so talented Jakob Dylan. The mister has almost all of Bob Dylan's cataloged music, he's a huge fan! So it was no doubt in my mind that when his son started performing more with his band the Wallflowers that we wouldn't love him too. When Jakob Dylan announced he was added to the line up of artist for Farm Aid we were even more pumped about the show! At the show his lineup included, 6th Avenue Heartache, Sleepwalker, One Headlight, What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding & one of my favorites, Nothing But the Whole Wide World! Hope you enjoy some Tuesday tunes, make sure to swing by later today as I'll be back with an all new Take Ten Tuesday! Enjoy! xo s


photo via

Monday, August 22, 2011

FREE SPONSOR Spaces for September


wow, so it's almost september! can you believe it!?! is going to be a little different for my free sponsors spots this month as i'm still offering 15 FREE ad spaces, on a first come first serve basis but they will all be sized at 100 pixels. i've been having some complications with people understanding the free ad sizes and to cut on the confusion and make it earier on everyone, including myself, i've just decided that the 100 pixel size will work best for the blog at this time. please note that you may see some additional icons intergraded among the 15 free spaces but these are for friends of the adalou blog. next month is going to be a great month though, filled with a few special guest posts, guest interviews, giveaways and a few special blog updates & other news! so you may leave a comment below on this post if you'd like to register to win your FREE September ad space! good luck! xo :) s

collections : enamelware bowls

Hey All, Happy Monday!!! Well today is a bit different than my normal Monday mini collections but I promise we'll be back on track for them next week. This past weekend, I received and email request from a special reader (thank you lovely reader, you know who you are and I appreciate it!) about sharing pictures of my enamelware collection. They heard I loved enamelware bowls and had been collecting some for a bit, and they had seen a few of my collections shared on Frecklewonder and MyGirlThursday recently so they wanted to see more into our home. Now these pictures were actually from my guest posted back in May over on DeeDee914, and you can see the rest and my post over there. And, I should probably take a few new pictures due to a couple more bowls have been added to the collection since then, but without further ado a few pictures. Hope you had a happy weekend! Are you a collector? What do you collect?

ABOVE : Kaj Franck Arabia Finland Enamel Bowl // Hearts
ABOVE: Collection includes Cathrineholm, Finel, Arabia of Finland, Emalox, Skoal, and Dansk.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

artist : aino-maija metsola

all images via

so how fabulous are these illustrations? amazing, aren't they! the bold color palettes and wonderful graphic designs were created by artist aino-maija metsola. this european (finland) based freelance illustrator and designer has such and eye for color. a designer for the wonderful marimekko company, with her works not only being features in print but on apparel too! so how killer are those dresses below? i totally want them both!


all images via

august sponsors (part 2)

Have you been meet the August Sponsors? I'd like to introduce you to the next 5 and I hope you'll link on over to their wonderful blogs and shops below and hopefully you meet a new friend or two and enjoy what each of their sites has to offer. happy link love, happy weekend!

 BRYAN   -   Site   ||   Twitter

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did you meet the first 5 august sponsors? come visit them here >>>> ( part 1 )
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