Thursday, August 18, 2011

what i wore on our anniversary!


what i wore on our anniversary
8/12/11 ( 6 years, woohoo! )

dress // thrifted, no tags
belt // thrifted, no tags
handmade necklace // 
daisy metal creations (link)
tights // target, xhilaration (link)
gold & silver toned flats // target, mossimo

i love this handsome man!
our silly faces (ok mines maybe more scary than silly, but i love this guy!)


  1. your outfit is really cute! i love that dress!! :D happy love day!

  2. you two are adorable! i am so late in wishing you a happy anniversary... so....

    HAPPY 6th ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!! i loved seeing photos from your special day, miss sandi!


  3. You guys are so cute! Hooray for six years!


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