Wednesday, September 07, 2011

hair styles for the in betweeners...


I'm so ready for my hair to be just a little bit longer to style it in braids, buns, a beehive, or any type of fun up do. I had long hair for a long time and then cut it short to make it more manageable with kiddos, but now I feel so limited for cute options. I still have to play the waiting game for now but for the time being I have been clipping my hair up in low ponytails with extra bobby pins. I'm on the hunt for cute in between hairdo's to get me thru the weird middle stages. A lot of options out there are for headbands which I do love but have you found any you love you'd care to share?

cute front braids worth trying. left image via and right image via

I have one of these lovely headbands by the Candy Theif which totally helps with short hair.

and this one by Giant Dwarf is super cute too!

or what about this cute one via flickr which is a few layered headbands


  1. I LOVE the first style. I'm in the process of growing out my pixie cut from last year and have felt very lost with what to do with my hair. Thanks for the tips! XO, Rae

  2. ooh! i know how painful it is waiting for hair to grow out. mine takes FOR-EH-VUH!

    i love them front braids, but adding cute accessories to hair is always FUN! i like scarves, and tiny barrettes. my hair is so thin that i can't put very heavy accessories in my hair - flattens and weighs it down!

    have fun!

  3. thanks ladies! and punkychewster - scarves are an awesome idea! thanks for reminding me! :)

  4. I love the front braid I need to cut this hair is driving me nuts!!

  5. such cute hair styles! this makes me miss my short hair from years ago :)

  6. Thanks for some ideas! I've finally found the perfect style for me, but it's almost permanently in the in-between stage. Thanks to your post, I have a few other options to try with my current 'do!


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