Saturday, September 10, 2011

installation of a fence (part 1)


So it's been a big HUGE goal of ours to put in a proper fence around our yard. When we bought our home, 5 years ago, we knew the flimsy chicken wired fence just didn't cut it. Sadly a nice fence, though highly wanted, just want's at the top of the to do list or budget. We have some nice neighbors we love on one side, trashy rental property and a dr.'s office way out back, plus and eye sore lemme rephrase, a dump next door. This Summer we decided enough is enough! We started on the hunt for pricing fencing but after being disappointed with bids offered we decided to go the do-it-yourself route. Which mind you, is cheaper but... A LOT of work! My mister is determined this will be done before Fall ends and he's been trucking right along making outstanding progress. He's even been working at night by candle light... well maybe not by candle light, but by flood light in the dark. A photo update for those of you have been following me via instagram and asking how it's coming. So whatta think? Isn't she pretty!

the eye sore next door. the fence is so much pretty, right?

progress so far

determinedly working away!


  1. the fence is lookin' pretty awesome! I think it'll add a great touch to your yard :) definitely an up on the eye sore! I can't wait to see it when it's done :)

  2. I hope the rain didn't give you too much trouble! XO, Rae

  3. That's great! So glad you will be able to hide from the eye sore. We've got some great neighbors, but it's nice to have a little privacy & enjoy the outdoors sometimes too.


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