Sunday, September 04, 2011

labor day weekend... so far...


Good Morning All! Hope you're having a good weekend, it's surely busy over here so far. Currently, since 7AM the mister and boy are out digging away for the fence installation, I've been shooting photos for a small shop update and the little lady is still sleeping. Yesterday we met up with a close friend who flew into town for the weekend, which we were excited about us all meeting up for breakfast. We had lumber delivered for a fence, installation will be done by myself and the mister, (top photo) before the weekend began my kid got head butted and knocked to the ground at the zoo by a hungry sheep, don't worry the boys ok though, Friday was first Fridays so time for some thrifting which I was excited to find some treasures, we hand homemade enchiladas (recipe soon on the blog) and my SIL and nephew joined us! Hope you're weekend is awesome! xo :) s

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