Friday, September 16, 2011

The Look : Fall Must Haves


Hello Adalou readers! I'm so happy to be here, on Sandi's awesome blog again. I'm even more excited to bring you a look focused around my most favorite season, fall! I don't know how anyone could not love fall. It's full of color, cozy warmth, pumpkin spice, and absolutely amazing fashion. The look this week is a casual, versatile fall look that focuses on what I think are some definite must haves for the season. These are pieces that can be worn together or with several other pieces in your closet. I hope you enjoy this months look and that you and yours have an amazing start to the fall season!


c.) Tights
h.) Pendant
i.) Bracelet

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Thanks Nicole for this fun post! What great inspiration to get us all in the mood for Fall! If you want to check out Nicole's other fabulous fashion posts swing by her blog for your weekly fix over at Pussycat Vintage! Also look how cute that new blog look is! Happy Friday & Happy Weekend!!! xo, sandi


  1. I absolutely love this set. Everything is just perfect for autumn!

  2. Love these autumnal pics! :)


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