Monday, September 12, 2011

mini collections : legos


Hey it's me, Wyeth, and I wanted to say hello and hope you had a good weekend. We had a busy one, but I enjoyed myself tons!!! I got to help with my yard tools and work on the fence, my cousin Logan came over to hang out, we took a few walks because the weather was so nice out and mommy even took me to see the Ringling Circus which was awesome!!! 

Today's collection was built all by me over the past week, well, except for the largest plane which daddy did because it's actually really hard and the parts make it move, which is so cool! The rest I came up with on my own. I've never really been into eating toys so I've been playing with Lego's for a bit. Since I was 2. I really love coming up with all sorts of trucks or planes or other silly things. Penny on the other hand... she's like King Kong and holds up the planes & cars and want to eat them. Mommy always supervise her but maybe someday when she's bigger I'll help her make some cool Lego's creations too!
Enjoy :) w

oh and p.s. mom said she'll be back at 1PM with the "Lucky September" giveaway winner!!!

can you tell by my face I love taking photos!


  1. WOW Wyeth, Nice collection good job making all that stuff!
    Love Nona & Grampa

  2. <3 I love legos we should play together!!

  3. Ooooh I love lego! It's so much fun for building all sorts of fun little things! Wyeth, you did a great job!!! :)

    xxx mervi

  4. You're little boy is so cute! XO, Rae

  5. Holy moley! You have a super creative builder on your hands, Sandi! He's so precious & makes awesome Lego creations.

  6. thanks all! i'll let him know you loved his collection, he was pretty proud of working on it all week for our photo.

    apockylypse - he does make up some amazing creations. but he does also have a little book for some ideas too. but we leave him to it and he does it all on his own, which i'm actually wowed by this myself!

  7. I loved legos as a kid.. :) and it's amazing what the kids make now with them.


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