Monday, September 19, 2011

mini collections : monster trucks


hey all happy monday! we hope you had a fabulous weekend. we surely did! my brother and his gf are moving from florida to california and drove out of their way to stop in and see the kiddos along their travels. they came in on wednesday night and stayed with us until sunday when they left, to continue on their drive. we wish them the best on their travels as they drove on and are stopping to see some amazing sites (camping in the grand canyon on their list, how fun!)! i'm so proud of my brother and gf as they take this new step ahead in life.... but back to our collection which was inspired by him and wyeth as each day together they bonded over their love of trucks. so happy mini collections monday! "prrrrbbbbbb" (sound of monster trucks made by wyeth) xo, :) s & w


  1. How adorable! I babysit a three year old little boy and he loves trucks too. xo, rv

  2. So cute! Love these- and Wyeth's sound effects too :)


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