Monday, September 26, 2011

mini collections : wrist watches

So how many watches can one boy own you must be wondering... well 5 for that matter. Gifted two by uncles, inherited one by an aunt and 2 from the mister and myself and there you have it. Overall these are played with weekly and now as we are practicing reading time (he's doing a great job with digital but the long hands are tricky and we're still learning this) there's even more reason to wear one each day. We love this small collection! Wow, besides wrist watch, I'm noticed a lot of W's in this post. So any guesses which one's worn the most? I'll give you a "W" hint, "Whamm"! Happy Monday friends! xo :) s & w


  1. Please tell me it's the Batman one?? Hehehe!

  2. How adorable. When I was a kid watches used to come in Happy Meals. I loved collecting them. Have a great week! xo, rv

  3. i have a hello kitty one that i got from mcdonads. i love it!


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