Monday, September 26, 2011

weekend finds + the dress that's getting away...


This past weekend I was able to snatch up a few amazing finds. A cute little Nine West purse, I so needed a smaller black purse so this was perfect. A belt just like this one, but in black. A little trivet with a message (can see it better here) just perfect for our on again off again messy home. A frame which I plan to spray paint some crazy color and use in our home, a few Melmac plates, another vintage camera to add to the growing collection. 

Now the dresses below.... I stopped into a local vintage specialty shop called Boomerang and paid a bit more than I wanted too but had high hops for these lovelies! The one on the right (red one) had a few split seams so I knew it would need repairing so I was able to talk them down a bit. But the one on the left I'm oh so bummy about. I paid a bitm more for it and I'm in love with this pattern and overall cut (minus the sleeves which I was going to alter) but while at the store I grabbed it on impulse and got home to realize it was tagged wrong. Plus no returns at this store so Poop!!! I tried my best to see if I could maybe let out the side seams or readjust the zipper placement, but after moving the zipper some and still a no go, I decided it is best for me not to wreak this lovely while trying to alter it more and just find it a new loving home. I'm not a huge person (this would best fit a modern 8) I do fit into it, if I can A.) suck it all in while wearing it and B.) stop breathing while wearing it... but I'm sure someone else would comfortably enjoy it. So if you are ever so interested in seeing more pics of this beauty, feel free to message me as I will be soon posting it into the shop. 


  1. ohh, super cute!!!
    too bad its an 8 :[

  2. I love those patterns. So cute! xo, rv

  3. Sweet finds. Very keen to see the pattern on the other dress......bugger though it was tagged wrong.

  4. I have that same belt in navy blue :)


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