Saturday, September 24, 2011

what i wore to brunch


So I have a few more than a few vintage dresses which all need hemming. I'm pretty short (5' 1" if you're oh so curious) so everything falls to the floor where on most, it would hit the shins. Hemming a few of them is actually my project for this evening, after this sweet little post. This morning I had a baby shower brunch (which was fun and filled with yummy food!) though and was having a dilemma with what to wear, so I grabbed the new machine and my trusty scissors and snip snap; this beauty was then altered for the party! And paired up with my newly (literally, last night) purchased shoes and a funky pair of tights. I loved the overall look but the mister thought elsewise, but he still kindly helped me snap a few pictures. Oh and for those of you who haven't seen it yet, yes my hair is tinted green. I'm slowly bleaching my way from dark to light (it's taking a bit cause I'm worried of killing my hair) but hoping to have some mint colored hair in the weeks to come. ;)

before altering it, way to long

dress: laura ashley. thrifted.
tights: leg avenue. purchase locally at boomerrang
shoes: matte grey kathan's by mossimo. target.


  1. I love those shoes! So cute! I love Target. xo, rv

  2. How come I didn't know you had a blog!? I love this look! Ed sometimes doesn't agree with my outfit choices but I found the more risks I take the more he's getting used to strange combos and liking them :D

    Hehe I like to call this hair color hobo sherbet :3

  3. Thanks Rae!

    Hello Danielleorama!!!! Oh thank you so much for swinging by my page! Glad to know my mister isn't the only one disagreeing about my attire, I'm working on convincing him to love this look though ;) and hobo sherbet! I love it!

  4. It turned out so perfect!! Love those yellow tights! :)

  5. wow it looks super cute, the tights are so lovely. i am also a shorty like you, same height! :P


  6. thanks Nicole! I loved the punch of yellow!

    Deer Donna, yah! we're twins; short powers unite! ;)

  7. You look absolutely adorable!

    Mint colored hair? Sounds like fun! I'm just now starting to experiment with hair colors I dreamed of trying when I was younger. So far I'm really digging just plain 'ole black with my new 'do.


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