Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Look : Spooky Halloween


Hello Adalou readers, I'm back again to bring you a more spooky look this month. Halloween is only a couple of weeks away now. I know we are very excited for Halloween at our house. It's one of Logan and I's favorite holidays to decorate for. I wanted to bring together a look for perhaps the family room or your foyer. This mixes mid century with some modern art. How do you and your family decorate for Halloween and fall every year? Do you have any fun traditions? I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe Halloween!


Images : a.)   b.)   c.)   d.)

And you can click below to check out my Vintage ABC over on Pussycat Vintage the Blog.


  1. This is great Nicole!! So much fun seeing my pieces to scale in this Halloween vignette. Makes me want to do a bit more spooky decorating this week. Thank you!

  2. So glad you like it Suzanna! I love your work. Thank you so much. :) Happy Halloween!


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