Monday, October 17, 2011

mini collections : cloth napkins


Good Morning and Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was awesome! Today's mini collection may look a bit different from weeks previous, as Wyeth and I will still continue a few more of his collections, but I will slowly start moving into a few of my own personal collections which I'm hoping you all enjoy equally as well. So here you have one for my first mini groupings, Cloth Napkins. While doing loads of laundry this weekend I thought about how many cloth napkins we use and then pondered how many paper towels we would have wasted instead. We try to be green when we can and cloth napkins being used in this house daily for each meal is just one way we do so. The older vintage napkins are by far my favorite, as they absorb more then some of the newer more cheaply make napkins and the patterns alone are fabulous! But either way, a collection of some of my favorites. Enjoy! xo :) s


  1. They're beautiful. I've been looking for some lately to use with food photoshoots. We've got some solid coloured thick cotton ones that we use regularly.
    I still don't think I could ever trade tissues for a handkerchief though. nope.

  2. I had no idea you collected those. They're beautiful. I love using cloth napkins instead of paper ones. Better for the environment too. Which is always a plus. xo, rv

  3. Mel - yes they are great for photoshoots! I've used a handful of them to take photos for items in my handmade shops. ;)

    Rae - yes we love, love, love cloth napkins and each of these above is actually a set of 4 so as you can imagine we have quite a few! :)

  4. What a nice collection. We too use cloth napkins! I like your idea of having different pattern ones so you know which is being used by whom so you can use them more then one time before laundering, further cutting your energy footprint!

    Loulou Downtown

  5. that's a great collection!! i love the colors and they mix and match so well together!


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