Monday, October 10, 2011

mini collections : windup toys


Wind up toys or things that pull and go (moveable toys) are currently a hit in this household, especially with Penny. The idea of motion and movement had definitely kept these kiddos busy for a bit while they try to figure out just how that thing works. All of these were hand me downs from either myself, the mister or other family members. But besides the ridiculous poop dispensing candy dropping penguin (which is not my fav at all), or the silly spider which is from last Halloween, do any of these look familiar to you? Can you name which movie that ladybug down bottom is from? I'll give you a hint, his name is Francis. Happy Mini Collections Monday! xo:) w & s


  1. yep, a bugs life is where francis is from.

    squirrel from charlie and the chocolate factory.
    Rex from toy story
    little foot from the land before time
    Reptar wagon from rugrats
    Oscar from shark tale
    pooping penguin
    daffy duck
    spike from rug rats
    francis from a bugs life
    and a creepy spider.

  2. omg i use to collect small things like this when i was younger! loving the blog! new follower :-)

  3. So cute! There's something about wind-up toys that's so darling... I love them!

    I spy daffy in the middle, but apart from him, I don't recognize anyone... I guess I'm not very in tune with pop culture!

    <3 Linda

  4. deb - yes spike the dog!
    bee - i'm sure you would have known these all. ;)
    ms. composure - thanks for joining us, it's great to have you here :)
    linda - thanks lady, and yup we love that daffy, he drives in a mad circle

  5. soooo cute! :D

    Hola! We are both sponsors at Sew Beastly and I am stopping by to say hello and show some blog follow love! :)


  6. looooove these. I used to have quite the collection myself! great post!


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