Monday, October 31, 2011

our weekend in pictures + free fall desktop

A few pictures from our busy weekend. What's not pictured, we enjoyed a fondue night with good friends on Saturday, we did a few thrift runs and found this lovely doll for Miss P and our washing machine is slowly dying so we had to decided to either buy a new one or use a washboard for the next few years, so we voted on a new one which will arrive Wednesday, woohoo! How was your weekend? Are you dressed up for Halloween today? We are, and I'll surely be sharing a few more photos with you tomorrow. xo :) s

p.s. there's a free desktop background down bottom if you'd care for one with a november calendar.

1680 x 1050 desktop - click on photo or link to download at full size
image via Instagram
Happy Halloween!!!!


  1. It's a good place in a girl's life when she can achieve a pony tail. Congrats to Miss P!

  2. Aren't you all just adorable? Love all of these!

  3. That food looks yummy and you look so CUTE in costume!!

  4. Great! thanks for the share!


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