Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thrifting in Springfield Missouri

Well a week ago, last Friday, I took a long car ride (6 hours round trip) to pick up my SIL for her college Fall break. She's attends school in lovely Springfield, MO and I have been wanting to go down there to check out the Red Velvet Shop for a bit now, plus visit the area to do a bit of thrifting. I asked my friend Rachel a few weeks ago about places to stop and shop at, and she gave me a nice little list which we were able visit almost all of them plus a few extra's. Below are 3 shops we enjoyed and if you're ever in South MO you should surely pop into these places too! Happy weekend! xo :) s
Some fun finds at this STD (not to sure of the name) Flea Market. I grabs a lovely kitchen table cloth, some small trinkets and 2 inspiration looking records, one is up on the right (red).
More Info  //  Shop Address : 505 E Trafficway Street Springfield MO 65806
Loved this cute little shop with vintage items and attire. Great prices and super friendly.
Shop Link  //  Shop Address : 213 W Commercial Street Springfield, MO 65803
So excited to finally see this shop. It was overall super stylish and very pleasing aestheically. I wanted to live here but sadly I had to return home. There were handfuls of fabulous dresses (not to many in my size though but that's ok) it was such a fun shop to visit. Oh and I said hi to Emma, she's super sweet :)
Shop Link  //  Shop Address : 211 W Commercial Street Springfield, MO 65803


  1. I used to live in Springfield, they do have great thrifting down there.

  2. I love that little teepee in the window, I need that!

  3. oh gosh that place looks like so much fun! i could stay there for hours just looking at every piece! love thrif stores!

  4. I wish I could go there! It looks like so much fun!!

  5. Aww, how fun! I hope to visit red velvet someday. That display up front looks adorable. I'm glad you had fun.

  6. Red Velvet is a sweet shop! love your blog :)

  7. I live in Springfield and also love vintage stuff!!! I've been to all the places you pictured. Springfield may not have a whole lot of stuff, but we do love our thrift stores and flea markets here!

  8. Jina from Decades here! I wanted to thank you for your sweet blog post. I just came across it today. As a thank you I wanted to offer you, and any of your readers a 25% discount to the store next time you make a trip down! :) I'm glad you liked the store and hope to see you again.


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