Wednesday, October 26, 2011

vintage masks for a retro halloween

As Halloween is less than a week away, I thought it appropriate and inspirational to find and highlight some interesting retro pieces, vintage masks. Yesterdays, Take Ten Tuesdays included a mix of newer things I've currently been loving for Halloween, but todays vintage masks are equally as fabulous! There's something cheap and kinda cheesy about them, I mean, their plastic; but painted with bold colors and strong graphics, I just love them. 

Are you wearing a mask for Halloween? Maybe a retro one?


  1. OMG.... this is awesome Sandi! I used to have a small collection of these a few years back. and they were destroyed during a move. what a fabulous post!

  2. Those are SO COOL. I spent Halloween in Mexico one year at an international school, and all us Canadians decided to throw a Halloween party. The only masks we could find were kind of like those ones, but they were all animal heads. I was a giraffe, my friend was a bear, another friend was a cat, etc. You should have seen our hilarious home made costumes. (safety pinning brown spots on my clothes and sewing things like tails made from old socks and foam claws onto oven mitts, hahaha) My only problem with those masks is they are hard to see and breathe out of. And hard to drink through.

  3. You won!! :D

  4. These are gorgeous! I love them!

  5. Masks are terrifying, aren't they? These are all super badass, love them.

  6. I should start a collection of these retro masks. My favorite has to be the yogi bear mask, remembers me of my childhood.


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