Monday, October 03, 2011

weekend updates + our mini collection


Good Morning! Hope your weekend was happy! Like most weekends ours was packed with activities and plenty of fun. On Saturday morning we attended the Hallmarket which was great seeing all of the local artist, after we finished up on our shopping we took the kids to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, yum! I snuck in a thrifting trip and found a few goodies including these shoes while the kiddos napped. At the same time the mister continued working on the fence, plus he worked each night into the dark (till 12am to be exact) trying so hard to finish up on setting posts to get this fence done, it looks like 5 more to go. Great job B! When it's all done I'll surely be updating you all with a final post as this has been a huge project for us. Also on Saturday I helped kick off an online Baby Blog Hop, which we'd love for you to join in the fun, see the schedule within my post for each day of blog hop fun! On Sunday we enjoyed some outdoors time as the weather was lovely and then in the evening we caught up with a few friends at Waldo Pizza for some tasty dinner. Busy, busy weekend... but then wait we have a Monday Mini Collections post too! Below you'll see a collection of Planes. The tiniest ones (totally go in miss P's mouth if she gets them) were the misters as a kid and we get a lot of daily use out of them. The Fisher Price ones, one was thrifted (missing door) and one bought for a xmas, the other larger plane was also the misters and go along side the micro machines as a carriers for the cars (they are so cool). So doesn't this boy have a lot of collection? We surely think so. Happy new week, Happy Monday! xo :) s


  1. This is eye catching! I love the way you lay these collections out.

  2. anna - awe thanks lady, we really enjoy doing them. when we run outta toys, i'll be slowly moving on to my collection. i hoping you'll all love these too :)


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