Wednesday, October 19, 2011

what i wore. the graffitied wall

It was freezing (52) outside yesterday, like beyond cold, but I still managed to have a break in my day to snap a few pictures downtown by this colorful graffitied wall. I thought it complimented my hair well. What do you think? I also took some photography tips from Mel (thank you sweet lady) about how to focus my camera a bit better using a tripod and can I say I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I'm no photographer so I love learning new tips and tricks. I still did have a few head cut off images, and silly expressions on my face. Maybe I should share some out takes so you can all get a good laugh at my attempts. Hope you're weeks been happy so far. xo :) s 

And isn't this wall fabulous!!! This is one of many murals around town by local artist Scribe

Vintage Fortina Skirt (Altered), Thrifted
Black Mossimo Top, Target
New Tights, Thrifted
Kathan's by Mossimo Shoes, Target
Necklace, Thrifted (Church Yard Sale)


  1. I love the teal of your hair (and the wall) with the magenta color!

  2. love that skirt! and that amazing!!

  3. Your hair is so cute and looks awesome with that wall! My favorite colors! :)

  4. I am OB.SESSED. with Scribe's work around KC! Also, I'm totally digging this look! I may have to recreate it for myself. :)

  5. You are adorable Sandi! I love this outfit on you!!

  6. Thanks Anna, Im lovin' it too.
    Rach_T that skirt was floor length and bit to wide but now it fits perfectly.
    Lisa thank you! :)
    Sara isn't his work Amazing, his wife and I do a couple craft fairs together so I've meet him a couple times, so sweet and very talented.
    Katie, thank you sweet lady & congrats on your modcloth blogger of the month :)

  7. Beautiful walls! And gorgeous lady, of course :)

  8. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! the wall and the outfit too! i'll take some pointers if you will share your photog wisdom sweet cousin? love you!!

  9. turquoise is my FAVORITE blue<3

  10. what an awesome mural and i love how your hair looks perfect with it!


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