Friday, October 14, 2011

what i wore. mad for plaid!

Are you mad for plaid? I love plaid but really don't own to much of it. This skirt, if you can imagine it, was to the floor. It needed a bit more than a bit of altering before it fit just perfectly, but now I love it! I have about a dozen clothing alterations going on currently which I can't wait to share more of these vintage thrifted finds with you. And what do you think of those Oxfords down bottom, which were thrifted a few weeks ago for under 5 bucks! Kinda granny like, yup I know, huge rubber soles and a nice shade of muted tan, but they are super comfy, I didn't have anything currently like them... and they looked like new having but one mark and clean as a whistle unworn looking soles. 

In other news, I'm traveling (road trip to get my SIL on college break) today so you may not see me much, if any, online (this post is auto posted while I get ready to drive the 6 hours round trip hike) so I can't reply to your messages just yet but I'll be back real soon, promise! Take care and I hope your weekends happy! xo :) s 

Sometimes my tripod doesn't like me... heads chopped off, blurred image, etc.
Any tips or trick for self portrait photo taking? I'm all ears :)
Loved the unintentional sun spots on this photo above.
Trying my best to smile and not break out into a giggle. I have a hard time with a straight face.
Loving this angle looking down at those cute shoes.

Vintage Pendleton Plaid Skirt (Altered), Thrifted
Mossimo Top, Thrifted
Knee Highs, Gifted last Xmas (from Kohls)
Vintage SAS Shoes, Thrifted
Sarah Cov Bird Brooch, Thrifted
Belt, Thrifted


  1. Supa cute!! I love knee high socks! Beautiful!

  2. You look adorable! I love that skirt with the knee highs. So cute. And that little pin is so cute as well. xo, rv

  3. You are just too adorable. I love this outfit & your hair is amazing! I'm trying to get brave enough to try random colors for mine, but gotta ease into that so I don't give myself or my parents a heart attack. LOL

  4. thanks all! and rae that's the plaid skirt i bought while out with you, with a few alterations though ;)

  5. I love that with the socks! Rad.

  6. You look positively darling :)

  7. you are too cute! i love plaid too. and stripes!

  8. I can provide a few little self portrait tricks :)
    If you have the option to manually focus, do that.
    Focus on something the same distance from the camera that you'll be. i.e. the line in the wall beside where you were standing would work. since the lens is on manual it will stay focused where you wanted.
    Otherwise, and also if your camera allows - use a fast shutter speed, like 1/100th of a second. That will prevent blur from motion.
    Hope that helps, and feel free to send me questions if it's not clear :)

  9. thanks all! and thank you mel i'll surely be trying some of your photo pointers.


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