Monday, October 10, 2011

what i wore + pussycatvintage

Yesterdays attire had a few special touches that I wanted to share. I had been on the hunt for a cute clutch and some pretty shoes for a while so you can only image how happy I was when I heard word that my dear friends over at Pussycat Vintage had both. These beauties (shoes) are now my all time fav! Plus they are so comfy. And the clutch is just so darling too. So thank you, thank you ladies!!! I'm also super excited that my hole ensemble was thrifted, including the tights too which were found with 20+ other colorful pairs of new tights on an end cap at Savers (boy I love that shop). Oh and my skirt, which I'm loving, was so loooonnng (took off 10+ inches), and marked 6 sizes larger than myself, so if you can imagine this all I did some major altering and repaired a few hole in the fabric and presto chango it was as good as new. I've been giving myself some altering challenges lately and really pleased with how they've all come out. I'll share some more of those changes soon :) Happy Tuesday and a HUGE Thanks again to Pussycat Vintage!

Pussycat Vintage (Nicole & Lindsay) BLOG + SHOP

Wardrobe : Top (Gap) Thrifted // Necklace Thrifted // Altered Skirt Thrifted
Tights Thrifted // Vintage Shoes (Auditions) Gifted via Pussycat Vintage


  1. I love it all! You put this outfit together beautifully! You look gorgeous. :)

  2. I LOVE that skirt! So pretty. And your hair contrasts wonderfully.

  3. i looooove this whole outfit but i am so super jealous of your rad hair!!!

  4. thanks so much nicole this outfit surely wouldn't have been as cute without your special touches.

    thanks anna & camille, you ladies are too sweet! :)

  5. OK sassy pants, cleaerly you've had the blue green for a while now and i just missed it. haha. it's super fun. i've never dared to go green/blue.....just hot pinks and purples! SUper fun!


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