Sunday, November 27, 2011

3 DIY Lace Projects (link love)


Hope you're having a nice weekend, and if you celebrated Thanksgiving then I hope you've had a nice holiday, long weekend to relax and enjoy time with family! I wanted to share 3 DIY link loves (not my diy's but ones worth noting) which I spotted out there recently. These projects are all on my to do list. I don't think I can pick a favorite among the 3, I just know the mug would be a great piece for my collection. I'm always looking for pretty vases, and those tiles, well we are redoing the kitchen very soon and maybe I can convince the mister that we need some of these. Hope your days happy!

1.) Vase     2.) Mug     3.) Tiles


  1. I love the cut out lace on the vase. So beautiful! Great idea. xo, rv

  2. Awesome, I just picked up heads of lace and trimmings in a thrifting hail the other week.


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