Thursday, November 17, 2011

Around Indianapolis // Guest Post by Anna Z


Happy Thursday all! I'm excited today to share a special guest post with you, from miss Anna Z. Anna started reading my blog a while back, and her sweet personality plus friendly comments has always made me feel so appreciated while blogging. Like all my readers, I always love to know a bit more about you, and so I link on over to Anna's page and just feel in love with her fabulous photography of her day to day life. If you don't know her, you ought to, so I'd like to introduce her to you today, so you can meet the lady behind the beautiful photography below, or go chat with her via Twitter. Take it away Anna!

Hello! My name is Anna Z. 
I'm an avid Adalou Vintage reader and I just adore Sandi, 
so thank you again Sandi for asking me to guest post!

I share my life, in pictures, on my blog - ANNA Z  //  Blog. I recently moved to Indianapolis and I love exploring in my new city. Indianapolis is beautiful and has so many different opportunities and exciting things to do. Since I enjoy taking pictures, I wanted to share some shots of my weekend with you.

Fruit salad for breakfast
Bike riding on the Monon Trail
Riding past Indiana State Fairgrounds
Pit stop at the Market on 56th
Staying hydrated
Ducks on central canal
Ice Cream at Bric's in Broad Ripple
White River
Indy Art Installation


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I hopped over to Anna's blog & love her style. Photography is one thing that I love, but completely fail at right now. I'm hoping to work on that some during out chilly months.

  2. I live in Indiana also! Only about an hour and a half away! So great to meet another hoosier blogger. :)

  3. Anna is awesome! I love her stuff so much :)

  4. Thanks again Sandi! And Thanks Violet! And Apockylypse!


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