Saturday, November 05, 2011

BIG Design News + Bird and Cleaver!


Hey Friends hope your weekend been great so far! I wanted to share some exciting news with you, plus introduce you to a new blog! I have been eagerly wanting to tell you all this news for some time but I was waiting for the right moment which is now, so here I go....

I have been designing professionally for a bit (10+ years) and have a degree in illustration with my current job focus in design. I had been tossing back and forth the idea about sharing some design assistance to those in need and not to sure where to begin, so here I am today. I'm officially open for business and offering help if you are looking for the following: to spruce up your current blog, completely new blog redesign (currently with the blogger platform), etsy shop banners or icons, personal buttons/widgets for sharing, or overall design guidance and personal advice. I will offer this on a first come first serve basis and you can contact me via adalou1(at) for prices and if you'd like to set something up. So there you have it! And honestly, I'm pretty excited to see where this take me!

Above (up top) // You will see "Bird and Cleaver" which we just launched this weekend! I was excited when John and Lindsay contacted me about wanting a new, fresh, clean and stylized look for their new blog they were eager to create. Working with them has been fabulous and I can't wait to see what what fun they have in store. So pop on over to Bird and Cleaver and say hello!

Below // a few buttons for current clients (and 2 for myself ;) )


  1. Love these! I've been mulling around the idea of getting a new blog design actually:)

  2. so excited!!! and i love your work! and can't wait to have more done!!! since i am computer graphic disabled!!!! your the best sandi!!!

  3. congrats, sandi! this is so exciting!!! i can't think of a better person to offer these services, you have such an amazing eye, sense of color and design, i know you'll be a roaring success!!!!!

  4. So exciting! Just checked out their blog & I love the design. Thanks for introducing them to me!

    Sandi, you've inspired me to work more on my own blog look. I just adore everything you've done [with your blog + Bird & Cleaver]'s an inspiration to me!

  5. thanks so much all! i'm glad you're all enjoying bird + cleaver too!


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