Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hour by Hour // A Daily Photo Documentary


My mister is the care taker for our kids during the days, while I work full time. We were lucky enough to plan things accordingly so he could work part time at his office job, freelance on the side and be home during the days to entertain the kiddos. I highly enjoy my job, but I surely miss seeing my kids from the hours of 9-5, which honestly then sometimes makes work a struggle. So I challenged the mister to take a photo each hour of the day yesterday while I was gone to share with me how their day went. This post is a bit photo heavy below but I hope you'll enjoy a peek into their daily lives.
Hope you enjoyed 12 hours of their day & thanks for making it to the bottom :)


  1. Squirrel watching is definitely my favorite!

  2. So adorable! Makes me miss being a kid & being able to enjoy every bit of my day.

    I see you enjoy the same bbq sauce that we do! Yum!

  3. I loved this. You should definitely do this more often. I love the stroller races photo, such action!

  4. all my pumpkins look like that too - kind of entertaining watching the holes get bigger and bigger.

  5. Nicole and Sarah - those squirrels are seriously the best fed and largest things I've seen on the block, ha!

    Pocky - we so miss being kids, it's fun to relive some of it through our kiddos now though.

    Anna - Thanks lady! The stroller races were a blast. I was home for these ;)

  6. Loved it!! Those stroller races look like much fun!

  7. aww that's such a cute post! i love your kids' faces in squirrel watching. that just makes my heart melt like butter!!!!

  8. Love it! And I CAN NOT BELIEVE that white stroller and swing are still around! That was mine when I was a little girl - I have pictures of me pushing my cat bear around in it pretending she was my baby! I'll have to find it and send it to you. Awesome to see them still having a good time with all of the toys that Ben and I played with as kids Love it! Love you guys


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