Monday, November 14, 2011

mini collections : red enamelware

 Happy Monday friends! Hope your weekend was fabulous! Today's mini collection is a small viewing of a much larger offering of personal brooches. I love these vintage enamelware flower brooches and thought I would display my red pieces for today. I seem to own the most of red, not to sure why, but you'll also notice all but one of theses is red, white and blue. How patriotic of me, right, totally not planned this way though. All but one (which was gifted) of these were thrifted over time and I have yet to part with them, though I am always finding more and sharing then in my shops. So do you own any fun vintage brooches? 

** oh and please check back around 10AM as I have a special giveaway going up, 
which I think you'll all Love...


  1. I also collect enamel flower brooches. Though they are getting considerably harder to find. I have thrifted all of mine as well, never buying any online or anything. I have a flickr group of them here:

    Have a great day :)


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