Monday, November 28, 2011

mini collections : vintage cameras


My fascination with vintage cameras (an photography items) sparked about 7 years back when we lived in Atlanta. I'm no photographer, so I don't really need them per say but I've alway thought that they looked so cool. A co-worker at the time, had a few beautiful camera's collection on her desk which I loved to admire from afar. Months later she announced she was going to relocate for a new job, and when she began to pack up her desk, she graciously sorted the cameras into a box and then made her way over to me and handed me my very first camera. She had known I really loved them and would appreciate it, and then proceeded to tell me about how this one she was gifting me was part of her grandmothers personal collection. Wow did I feel so special at the time. Over the years, I've slowly acquired my own special collection, each with it's own story in some way, shape or form. Currently I'm at 13 cameras, plus 2 vintage movie projectors. One of the projects is so special to me as my BIL, living in NJ at the time spotted a large box out on the curb for trash day. I'm glad he stopped to look and see what it was cause this old box was the case holding my cherished Bell & Howell 8mm which proudly sits atop our tv stand today. Do your personal collections have special meanings or stories behind them? Happy mini collection Mondays!


  1. I fell in love with photography and started collecting cameras as well! Now my mum thinks I'm crazy, but once you're hooked, you're hooked, right? :D

  2. ooo! I too am a sucker for a sweet vintage camera. NICE collection!!!

  3. This is a great photo! I always love seeing your collections. I have a collection of porcelain bulldogs. :)

  4. Beautiful collection. :) It seems like a lot of people are collecting vintage cameras, I feel like I see that pretty frequently. 'Tis a neat thing to collect for sure :)

  5. These are so so neat! How special of your coworker to do that! I love the way vintage cameras look too. I need to build up my collection more. :-)


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