Wednesday, November 23, 2011

movies : the muppets movie


I've been working a bit of overtime lately, which honestly has been a bit rougher than rough, but on the plus side I've had the opportunity to enjoy some good new tunes. Today, I'm enjoying the Muppets Soundtrack. Muppets you say, yup you heard me right, that fun lovin' gang with Kermit, Miss Piggy, Animal and my fav Gonzo; my last name use to be Gonzales so Gonzo has a special part in my heart ;) But seriously, have you see the previews or photos, or even heard the soundtrack yet?  Are you ready for the Muppets movie?  I know I am! Happy Wednesday!
 oh p.s. the movie is in theaters today!!!! 

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  1. Eeee I love the Muppets and I've been hoping that this new film is as good as the old ones! Sure do miss Jim Henson, though.


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