Friday, November 11, 2011

Nonstop & iGlide of RemoteKontrol


Have you ever heard of Nonstop (yup you read his name right)? Now I can't dance for the life of me but this guy, Nonstop, he can dance! He's a professional dancer for RemoteKontrol with 2 other guys, iGlide and Chibi, and boy are their moves beyond amazing! A friend showed us Nonstops video last month over dinner and it made us all pause from eating to awe over how awesome this was. He was even on the Ellen Show a while back showing her some moves, so maybe he'd give us all a few pointers. Either way, these guys are by far the coolest dancer I've seen in a while and I hope you enjoy their moves. Oh and p.s. the first video, watch at 4:13 when he... well I don't even now how to describe what he does... just watch it, you'll see. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!


Nonstop above

iGlide above

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