Thursday, November 10, 2011

what i wore : in the library

There's a very pretty library at work, filled with tons of books for creative research. I love venturing around it in search for inspiration for myself, our home and design + illustration books, which mind you there's a ton of them. I spent a few hours in the library and checked out some amazing 1960's clothing catalogs, plus a few hand embroidery books. I'm going to start working on a few piece for holiday gifts real soon, have a few ideas sketched up just trying to finesse them but I'll share them when I start. But after checking out the books, I spent time gazing out the windows trying to decided it if was going to snow.... (image down bottom)

seriously loving these tights
...doesn't it look like it was going to snow out there? 
It didn't. Just decided to rain buckets among buckets instead!

Do you enjoy going to the library? 
What books would you read / check out?



  1. I just started going to the library again recently, and I love it! I like browsing the isles and zeroing in on books at random. I've found some very cool books on animals, trees and photography this way. In general I spend most of my time in the art/illustration section, but occasionally I wander through the fiction section as well.

    I love the photos in this post! did you have someone take them, or did you have a tripod? Either way, they are very cool!

  2. love that outfit and LOVE the library!!

  3. thanks ladies! and anika i've been using a tripod which is quite a challenge but i think i'm slowly getting it. i wonder how what the other people the next aisle over searching for books thought of me, hehehe ;)

  4. I love your scarf! So cute. I haven't been to library in quite a long time. I live just down the street from the Indianapolis Public Library. I really really need to go and check it out.

  5. Pretty lady! I love your outfit. And I think snow is definitely coming...


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