Monday, December 05, 2011

Advent Calendars


Lately I've been seeing Advent calendars everywhere. I love this idea at the holidays. A little something special (a little note with a few kind words, a sweet treat, or a small gift) each day leading up to the 25th. There are to many more out there but these 5 are among my top favs. I'm drawn to the graphic feel of them and lovin' details of them all. You can see our's pictured earlier today, here. Do you have an Advent Calendar? What do you put in it?


  1. I have seen so many of these this year too! There are so many great ideas. I'll have to make one for next year so I can enjoy it to its fullest.

  2. Next year I am going to make one of these! So many cute ideas!

  3. Your blog is so darling! Absolutely love it :)
    xo, Kinsey

  4. anna and nicole if you make and advent i surely want to see it.
    kinsey thanks so much for stopping by my blog :)


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