Monday, December 05, 2011

blog news // a bit of a new look


As I continue to make the blog more user friendly you may see updates from time to time. I'll update you when I change things about so you may still find what you maybe initially looking for.

I drew this washy background and thought it would be fun to update it from time to time so you may see something new pop up occasionally which I hope you will enjoy the ever changing images.

I moved all of the linking icons up top and added 2 news ones to the mix which are being pointed out above. The GFC (google friend connect) faces are being hidden for the time being but you can still click on the link (google "G" icon) above to follow me, and thank you so much if you do! And now there's also an instagram camera icon linked to a site called so this way people who've mentioned how do I find your photos without a phone (this one's for you mom) can now see everything too.

Other than the the nav bar icons and banner, I didn't update anything else yet. Enjoy looking around and thanks so much for reading :)


  1. OH MY GOSH. I love what you did to your blog. I would love to have those buttons on mine too. Eeep. xo, rv

  2. beautiful little redesign. great color!

  3. thanks ladies, i so appreciate it :)


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